Censured Administrations: CT

Academe regularly publishes the list of administrations that, investigation shows, “are not observing the generally recognized principles of academic freedom and tenure endorses by the American Association of University Professors, the Association of American Colleges and Universities, and more than 160 other professional and educaitonal organizations…Placing the name of an institution on the list does not mean that censure is visited either upon the whole of the institution or upon the faculty, but specifically upon its present administration. The term ‘administration’ includes administrative officers and the governing board  of the institution…Members of the Association have often considered it to be their duty, in order to indicate their support of the principles violated, to refrain from accepting appointment to an institution so long as it remains on the censure list…The Association leaves it to the discretion of the individual, possessed of the facts to make the proper decision.”

Two Connecticut institutions are currently on the AAUP censure list:

Albertus Magnus College…under censure since June 2000 (click on link to read the report)
Unviersity of Bridgeport…under censure since June 1994 (click on the link to read the report)