Trinity College’s AAUP News

Spring 2020

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The Executive Committee of Trinity College’s AAUP Chapter Supports Striking UC Graduate Employees

We of the Executive Committee of Trinity College’s American Association of University Professors (AAUP) chapter stand in solidarity with the graduate student-workers at the University of California.

We believe that no graduate-student worker should be homeless or rent burdened. We fully support graduate student-workers at UC Santa Cruz’s demands for a cost-of-living.

We condemn the UC administration’s use of riot police against graduate student-workers and their supporters at the picket, their threats of deportation to international student-workers, and most recently their termination letters. No university should be taking that approach toward its own employees.  We demand that the University of California rescind these termination letters and threats of deportation.

Isaac Kamola, Trinity College AAUP Chapter President

Emily Yen,  Trinity College AAUP Chapter Vice President

Alyson Spurgas,  Trinity College AAUP Chapter Treasurer

Mark Stater,  Trinity College AAUP Chapter Secretary

Kari Theurer,  Trinity College AAUP Chapter At-Large


Here is a message from Isaac Kamola, VP of the Trinity College AAUP-Chapter.

This incredible activist chapter has been outspoken in the past on a number of issues and
prevented Professor Johnny Williams from being terminated for speech.