Notes from AAUP Summer Institute 2022

SI AAUP, July 21-24, 2022, U of NV, Reno

This is the first in-person session after the pandemic since the last one which was held in Chicago I  2019. I had attended the one in Hofstra in 2015 when I was the President of our chapter and brought in the details of 990 filing by UHART to the attention of erstwhile CFO Arosh. You may have figured out how that went over the last 7 years!

All sessions on July 21

Plenary session : I had fun at Racial Equity,

Talked a lot about Salary of FAC vs Salary of Admin and the inherent inequity.

Health Insurance and Benefits package and inequities in the BTF control of which I am also a member elected by FAC Sen of UHART

Reception Renaissance Hotel GOT TO KNOW A LOT AND LEARN THAT Advocacy chapters can unionize but only if those are from a public university/school.

July 22

1B – AB 107 10:0 am Greg Loving, U of Cincinnati and David Koceimba,  AAUP staff. We had a zoom meeting with him if you recall.

Divide and Conquer or Divided and Conquered – I am attending this as I write  and will report in detail further:

David has been working with Hampshire college for the past 3 yrs.

My response to the relationship diagnostic

Will be shared in the meeting.

High Stake Process / Tooks

  1. Silent Protest as we had 
  2. No Confidence Motion – reasons 

  Low enrollment budget implications 

   D1-D3 rattled students !

  1. As I suggested earlier ‘Class Action law suit’ against Admin for the discrimination against faculty on salaries. I will be having a meeting with David K to discuss this tomorrow.
  2. Budget for AAUP as we don’t have any budget. We used to charge local membership/month when I was the President. That is how we had a balance of  approx $ 68 transferred details of our Bank account with BoA to Mary G last Fall. Suggest we recommend local UHART chapter membership again. We had $5/mo then. Or ask Greg/Katherine to provide one.

2C – AB 201 organize!Tools

New faculty orientation – engage folks there

Do Mailers

Unhappy hour


AFT – AB 106 5:0-6:0 pm

Bowling – National Bowling Stadium – 6:30-8:30 pm

July 23

3H – Title IX Risa Lieberwitz (AAUP General Counsel: AAUP President Cornell) AB 108 has same problems as UHART

Risa indicated that Professors are a wholesome part of labor. We are not Managers in any sense. We need to get her to talk to our EB on this issue as our office of TITLE IX is in a disarray.  

Risa has been a Professor of National Labor Relations for the past 40 years and is also President of Cornell AAUP Advocacy Chapter 


Shared Governance

Academic Freedom

I suggest we invite her to talk to us asap.

4A – A 107 Grievance Academic Freedom and Institutional Racism 

Emily Ho (Law Prof) and Hank

North Carolina System UNC Chapel Hill

Appalachian State Univ

Silent Sam case statue at the entrance bright down and $2.7 million given to the removers before law suit filed!

Legislature along with State Board usher their agenda at UNC – contempt for faculty.

Report available on as NC Report

Critical Race theory

July 24

Closing Session (BB)Reflect and remember new connections!





VP, AAUP-Chapter UHART, 2019 to present.