Spring 2013 Elections

The Connecticut State Conference–AAUP reminds all AAUP members-in-good-standing that ballots are being mailed from the National office for the 2013 AAUP elections. Thisissue of Vanguard is dedicated to informing Connecticut voters of candidates for offices that specifically represent them, on both the National and Conference levels.

According to National regulations, the election notice will be mailed between March 3 and March 7 to all eligible AAUP members (in good standing as of February 1, 2013) at their last known home address as part of the ballot package. For eligible AAUP members with no known home address, the election notice, but not the ballot package, will be mailed to the member’s work address.

Ballot secrecy is ensured by the use of a double-envelope system for return of the voted ballots with the necessary voter identification appearing only on the outer envelope in regular-mail elections. Ballot envelopes are coded to prevent double-voting.

The ballot package will include information about how to request another ballot if the ballot package is not received or if a member has spoiled a ballot in the process of voting. This information will also be posted on the national AAUP website. Return envelopes containing replacement ballots are suitably coded to prevent double counting of ballots.

The procedures for opening and counting votes are outlined on the AAUP website.

Read the election issue of Vanguard here. This special Election Edition of Vanguard presents biographical information, candidate statements, and photographs for all candidates for Conference positions and for the National AAUP District 9 seat on Council.



Archived Elections Information

Call For Nominations for CSC-AAUP & National AAUP, and Notice of Electronic Voting

CSC–AAUP Issues Call for Nominations

The Connecticut State Conference–AAUP Nominating Committee hereby announces a call for 2013–2015 CSC–AAUP officer nominations.

Nominations are being solicited for Connecticut State Conference President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and four At-large Members.

For information about the terms, duties of each office, and the election timetable please refer to the CSC-AAUP Constitution and Bylaws. If you wish to make a nomination (or nominate yourself), send the candidate’s name, discipline, and institutional affiliation to the CSC–AAUP Nominating Committee c/o Conference Office (P.O. Box 1597, New Milford, CT 06776). Nominees must be AAUP members in good standing.

January 31, 2013, is the deadline for receipt of nominations to the CSC–AAUP Nominating Committee. Nominees shall indicate in writing their willingness to stand for office and shall supply contact information and a biographical statement for use by the CSC–AAUP.

The Nominating Committee shall send candidate names and credentials to the national AAUP office no later than February 1, 2013, to be included in the national election ballot. Instructions for voting by secret ballot are sent to all members by the national AAUP.

Members of the 2013–2015 Nominating Committee are Charles Ross (Chair), English, University of Hartford, Immediate Past President CSC–AAUP; E. Carol Polifroni, Nursing, University of Connecticut, President UConn–AAUP; and Vijay Nair, Library, Western Connecticut State University, President CSU–AAUP.

Electronic Conference Elections

The State Conference shifted to electronic voting May 6, 2010. The necessary constitutional and bylaws amendments were passed at the 2010 CSC–AAUP Spring Meeting. Election of Conference officers and representatives for the coming term will be via electronic voting, in the same balloting process as for National AAUP officers and Council members. See the Conference website for details.

National AAUP Issues Call for Nominations (Connecticut is District IX)

The Nominating Committee for national AAUP’s 2013 Council elections is in the process of seeking candidates. An ad inviting nominations of candidates was published in the 2012 Bulletin this summer and in the September/October issue of Academe. The text of this ad may be found on the AAUP website.

In 2013, there are elections in Districts II, III, V, VI, VIII, and IX and for three at-large seats. The Committee needs at least two candidates for each contested Council seat.

Those wishing to nominate candidates (or themselves) should turn in nomination materials well before the December 14, 2012, deadline.