AAUP Connecticut

Call for Conference Nominations

 The 2020 CSC-AAUP Nominating Committee, comprising Chair Charles Ross (CSC-AAUP Past President), Member Maggie Labinski (Fairfield University Faculty Welfare Committee- AAUP), and Member Diana I. Rios (University of Connecticut-AAUP Past President), announces a Call for Officer Nominations.

Nominations are being solicited for CSC-AAUP President, CSC-AAUP Vice President, CSC-AAUP Secretary, CSC-AAUP Treasurer, and four (4) CSC-AAUP At-Large Members.

To make a nomination, or to self-nominate, please send candidate’s name, discipline, and institutional affiliation to the CSC-AAUP 2020 Nominating Committee c/o CSC-AAUP Conference Office, P.O. Box 1597, New Milford, CT 06776. In addition, officer nominations may be emailed to Flo Hatcher, CSC-AAUP Executive Director, at: cscaaup@gmail.com. Nominees must be AAUP members in good standing.

December 13, 2019 is the deadline for the receipt of nominations. Nominees shall indicate in writing their willingness to stand for office and shall supply contact information and a biographical statement for use by the CSC-AAUP.

Officer candidate biographical information will be available on the CSC-AAUP website: https://www.ctsc-aaup.org/ and in a special Vanguard election issue. Please reference the CSC-AAUP Constitution/Bylaws for officer duties and responsibilities (on website).